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Honeyroot Extrax HHC Disposable (2g)


Regular price $40.00

Presenting the Honeyroot Wellness x Delta Extrax collaboration. 2 gram disposable vape containing Live Resin HHC, HHC-O & HHC-P. The current lab reports show these potent disposables contain 0% TC. HHC IS said to be more potent than D8 or THCO.

Honeyroot Extrax Disposable Info

  • 280 mAh
  • Rechargeable
  • NOT Refillable
  • USB-C charger not included
  • Red light = needs to be charged
  • White light while charging = still charging
  • No Light when plugged into charger = fully charged
  • HHC, HHC-O & HHC-P Blend

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Definitely good.

I gorlt strawberry cough which is more cough than strawberry but is worty it. Im not a heavy smoker so its lasted me over 2 weeks so far, and it gives me an almost phantom body feel.

Not Bad

For someone who smokes d9 real weed almost everyday this hit pretty smooth not too hard at all, hits were also amazing, Hits are smooth AF literally took a blinker and had a chuckle nothing like it. pretty good product 👍

crawford calvin

this goes super hard dawg. cop this shi if you're looking for a solid dispo

Love this in my top 3 ever

I got the strawberry cough and it has probably the best air flow from a cart that I’ve ever hit and the high is pretty f*cken good aswell. Overall I’ll give this a strong 9/10⛽️


These are fire they give a good high green crack is the best in my opinion but the delivery was pretty fast Evan with the cheapest option the package is just white and says nothing about what’s in it and you don’t have to worry about drug test it has leas than .3% delta 9 and is non detected for drug screenings so if your on probation or parents drug test you this is perfect there’s not Evan a drug test for hhc available yet so I wouldn’t worry