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Good cart runs out fast tho

Strawberry fields

Amazing taste is on point and cheap

so so yummy

so so so yummy! will definitely be ordering again

Lost Marry

This brand is so strong and i love it sm

ELF Bar BC5000 (5000 Puff)

Amazing service and product

It was a great product and even though shipping was a little slower than usual it mostly my fault for ordering on a holiday weekend but as always great service

Pretty good

Strawberry watermelon is a sweet watermelon and a weird strawberry but it’s good

Pink lemonade mint

Was pretty good although you barely taste the pink lemonade and it’s more mint but not overly minty, pretty good tho would still likely get it again

Good for its price

I thought it was gonna feel cheap but it has a really nice feeling body it has a bit of weight and honestly just feels really nice overall it lasts a while on a 100% charge about 9 days for me.

Rainbow sherbet

Brooo the flavor on the rainbow sherbet was so good with really good airflow and lasted me bout a whole week with everyday use 10/10 recommend

Lasts long but the flavor fades after charged

7/10 mostly for how long it last, from a heavy smoker. Lasts over two weeks.


Please restock!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for months to get this!!! Id die

this is a neeeed restock ASAP plssss

Packwoods Packspod 5000 Puff Disposable

best thing in the store

I’ve tried almost everything on this site n this is my favorite. perfect taste n nic content

Canna River Highlighter HHC Disposable (2g)


This thing is so amazing. I didn’t expect to get this high

Pretty good

I got the green monster flavor, it's really good and tasty. Highly recommend.

Orion bar Watermelon kiwi berries

I ordered Watermelon kiwi berries got strawberry chew😭

No regrets!

Tasted soooo yummmyyy getting another

Can you please stock these

These jawns look pretty dope I’m tryna cop one or two


berry blizzard

not surprised

i did get my cart however compared to my other ones it accumulates a lot of build up and eventually just stopped working all together even after i cleaned it. i dont think the problem is with my battery because my other ones work. the product itself is pretty good other than that i just wish i was able to use it

Geek Bar Meloso Mini (1500 Puffs)
Peri Hinkle
Awesome, tastes rlly good

Amazing buzz- thought it was a scam but wasn’t