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order delay

I haven’t gotten my order yet i’m sure it’s not your guys fault but i can’t give an actual review yet i finally after two weeks just got an update on when the package should arrive

frozen white grape

oh my god so good. they always come on time with secure and discreet packaging and istg i’m gonna try all the flavors on here, highly recommend!

restock plz

restock we luv u n u rcontributation 2 the gang


insane buzz and last a long time i recommend but dont get peach ice flavor it sucks 😭😭

Last vape Blue razz ice

I can’t wait to have my last vape


Arrived fairly quick with discrete packaging the vape is pretty good although i am not that into the flavor. You got yourself a loyal customer!


pink lemonade crazy yummers

Geek Bar Pulse - Pink Lemonade

Great device, but I wouldn’t recommend the flavor. Holds charge for a very long time.

My favorite!!

Lasts a long time!!

Very good

Isnt a scam, my bar was received in prime condition.

Lost Vape Orion Bar Disposable - 7500 Puffs

Gas asf my longest last disposable fr

Good quality

I've never had any issues with the vapes from this shop but the shipping does get delayed often at least for me. Also, expedited shipping is not worth paying for imo.

Geek Bar Pulse - 15000 Puffs

Taste great love it so much

My only problem was with shipping but I got it in about a week and a half. Taste great love it sm I def recommend.

Geek Bar Pulse - 15000 Puffs

juicy peach ice

sooo good 10/10 fs buying again, took a week exactly to get here

Geek Bar Pulse - 15000 Puffs
Silas Arson Bloodthorne
Wasn’t my thing

The flavor isn’t really my thing, it doesn’t taste like much, and as soon as it hits 50% juice it starts to get really nasty to me, I look for vapes that are pretty good until the about 30% juice mark

ELF Bar BC5000 Disposable

Geek bars

Amazingly great last me a long time and don’t take long to get here very nice package and all come brand new and nothing odd I recommend themm


sour grape chew tastes just like a grape hichew, it’s amazing! shipping took less than a week, just beware the processing time. great packaging job too!


pretty good! please get the dragon melon flavor tho 😕

very gud

so like it arived yuh very yummiez

Space Gods Gummies
Hailey Desir
space god gummies

they worked so goood! ig i though it was gonna be like 300mg is d8 but it was a mix of that and cbd so in total your getting abt 150mg of “d8”

Great flavor