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for once an actual review. but fruity peach was my favorite out of this dispo, the only 1 i havent tried is blue razz cuz its the most popular so i despise it, but other than that it is one of the best vapor production dispos out there, coming from a person who has probably tried every dispo out there, it gives almost as good production as an average 40 watt box mod, but ontop of that it gives great buzz, also i love how the charger port, light, and airflow are on top so you dont have to worry about the bottom covered, but yeah 10/10


Taste pretty good, smokes good but the tips of my j’s are a lil fuked, but the high is decent


this shi is toooo good, i took just one hit and i am fucking gone

Elf Bar BC5000 strawberry Pina Colada

Usually elf bar flavors are very hit or Miss, however this flavor was awesome! Unfortunately, it only lasted about 11 days, while elf’s usually last about 2 months for me before getting burnt.

blueberry bubble gum

it tastes good af but the juice started coming out and idk if i can get a refund

Twas excellent

Very flavorful. Bingus always packages great and sends real stuff! Would recommend

Peach ice is the best flavor

They ship out super fast i recommend buying! although they die fast there pricing is perfect


Ong this is a great store but one question? Lemme get a free elf or puff bar

blue razz lemon ig

so i ordered from here i also posted a review on the list mary’s which you can go see, man’s legit and it’s discreet too just tell your parents you got them a severed gift from amazon or sum idk😭

10/10 legit

so i was skeptical at first and then i watched all his tiktok’s and gained trust in bro and i ordered a bunch of lost mary’s and bro came through, he’s the goat def will shop more, i’m not no fake review either😭 i’m a real person even though it sounds like i aint


came fast, double discreet packaging, and the battery works nicee, will be purchasing from this site again fs


very good


Great buzz and flavor. Takes abt 5 days from order to ship to your mailbox


So this cart is good it hits hard and stuff, ive had real carts and real carts are darker yellow and a thicker kind of substance this is a light substance which makes me believe that it is something other than cannabis


Worked really well for a bit, and felt sturdy. Although something internally went wrong only about 3 weeks of having it.

Puff Plus All Flavors


Smooth hits, Good High, Stinks like pure weed, burns a little quick, overall 8/10 tasted a little weird and smelt a little off after smoking

The best

Best ones verry good

Puff Plus All Flavors
olivia ramirez

Puff Plus All Flavors


Not bad, 7/10 watermelon taste. Short charging time.


i got the watermelon zaza flavor and omg its so good. this is my first ever time trying any "legal" thc product (besides cbd i guess lol) and holy crap its so fire. i have a somewhat high tolerance and this stuff had me gone after 3 hits. it kinda tastes like ginger?? not really watermeloney but i usually dont buy for flavor. if your thinking of getting this...GET IT!

Honeyroot Extrax HHC-O Live Resin Cartridge (2 grams)

Goood pen

Sturdy and the price is cheap. It works better than my other gas station pens. I’ve bought a few

Airis Mega
Fast shipping

Shipping was fast and flavor was great, but I had to hit it harder than usual Like it was clogged but thats alright <3