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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions

 Please read this FAQ before purchasing. See this page if you have any questions regarding purchases, returns, products, etc. Reading this FAQ you are understanding how we operate. 

Q: What does the Shipping label label say?

A: Our Label doesn't mention vapes for discretionary reasons. We protect customers privacy. Our packaging is wrapped with multiple envelopes for protection as well. 


Q: What does the Card statement say when I purchase?

A: Card statement will say "Wholesaleplusllc" 

B. Apple Pay says Apple pay

C. Cashapp says "Square Cash" 


Q: How often do you restock items?

A: We restock items almost everyday. Some items or flavors are not restocked because of lack of availability. Some items become available throughout the day when unpaid orders are canceled and an item will be put back in stock. 

Q: How long does shipping take?

A: We offer two types of shipping: Standard ($4.90) and Expedited ($8.99). Standard shipping takes anywhere between 2-8 business days (Monday-Friday) and Expedited takes 2-5 business days (Monday-Friday) all just depending on where you live. We do not guarantee the date your package will arrive nor will we answer e-mails, messages, on WHEN it will arrive. CHECK TRACKING INFORMATION TO KNOW WHEN YOUR ORDER WILL ARRIVE. Once packages are shipped, they are out of our control. You will be provided a tracking number which you will be able to use to follow the status of your package. If you didn't receive a tracking number, then check your text messages, or email/spam for the shipping notification. WE DO NOT SHIP ON WEEKENDS OR HOLIDAYS.


I Paid for my order but I haven't received a tracking number?

A. If you paid for you order we will typically ship the order anywhere from 24-72 hours. Our system is automated and tracking numbers are sent out by the shipping service we use. Tracking numbers will only be sent to customers who used a email as their contact info. If you only put a phone number then you can still add a email on the confirmation page of your order on the website. If you cant find the confirmation page then you will need to download shop app in the app store and sync your orders. If syncing isn't working then you will need to google how to fix the issue.


Q: I paid with Apple Pay, what do i do now?

A: After you pay for your order we will reply " Got it ty you're confirmed" or a "checkmark emoji". After this you are confirmed and your order will be shipped 1-3 days. If you put a email you will receive the tracking to your email. If you didn't put a e-mail you will need to download shop app and sync your orders. 

We will not answer any questions texts to our Apple Pay payment number, this number is for payments only.  


Q: I Paid with Venmo, What do I do now?

A: After you pay with Venmo we will confirm we recieved your payment by liking the payment. You do not need to do anything else after this. You will receive a tracking number in a few days if you put a email when ordering. If you didn't put a email then you will need to download shop app in the app store and sync your orders. 


Q: How do I find my order number?

A: You can find your order number on the confirmation page when you place your order, or the confirmation email we send when you place an order. Your order number will look like a 5-digit number. For example: #67900.

Order # and Confirmation number are different but you can use your confirmation number when sending your payment.

Confiirmation number looks like "ZX8UUKPU4U" 



Q: I ordered, where is my tracking number?

 A: It can take as long as 2-3 days to receive a tracking number depending which day you ordered. If you ordered on Thursday, Friday or the weekend your order won't be shipped until Monday, for example. If you did not put a e-mail address when ordering, then you will have to download Shop app from the app store on your phone (Shopify) to sync and track your order. Please do not contact us asking for the tracking number. You can also add a e-mail after you ordered on the confirmation page. 

Q: Can I cancel my order?

A: As of 8/21/22 We are not allowing order cancellations with Apple Pay, Venmo or Cashapp. You can still cancel an order on Cashapp only if it hasn't shipped yet, however you will not be able to purchase again, ever. If you ask for a refund on Apple pay, Venmo and CASHAPP we have the right to refuse the refund. You will not be able to order again even if you've ordered before. WE do this for our protection and some people have abused the system. 


 Q: I paid and my order was cancelled?

A: If you sent the payment and we confirmed it on Cashapp or Venmo then please text us! do not email us. Explain what happened and a screenshot of your payment. If you paid with Apple pay just text us so we fix it. Sometimes we accidentally cancel orders because the payment was sent without a way to match the payee with the order.  

Sometimes people will place two or more orders and will pay for only one of them, so make sure you pay attention to which orders were cancelled.

Q: Are You a Scam?

 A: No, If we get asked this we will refund your order if you placed one and we won't sell to you if you are planning on ordering. We take this question offensively because how far we go to show that we are a legitimate business. Scammers are liars and wouldn't tell the truth anyway.  


Q: How do I cancel my order?

A: You can cancel your order if the order hasn't been shipped yet. Sales are final once you receive a "shipped" notification or e-mail. To cancel your order with Cashapp you must send us a refund request for your payment, and we will return your payment. Orders payed with Venmo, Zelle, Apple Pay are final and can't be cancelled. 

Q: Whats the best way to contact us? 

A: Please visit our Contact page and send us a text message for the fastest response. It takes us several days to answer an e-mail. Text messages are usually answered faster, however if it's urgent the fastest way to reach us is social media. Please introduce yourself with a order number or name otherwise we will ignore the your message.


Q: My Order was cancelled, why?

A: Most common reason your order was cancelled was because we did not receive a payment for your order. Customers have 15 minutes to pay for their order. If you continue placing orders without paying, you will never be allowed to purchase again. 

If your order was cancelled by mistake, and you paid, please contact us we will fix the issue. 

Sometimes & rarely we will cancel orders and refund customers if we wish not to do business with them. Most common reason is writing "vape" with the payment on cashapp. 


Q: My package says it was delivered but I did not receive it. What should I do?

A: Sometimes the post office will scan packages early and say they were delivered but they may not show until one or two days afterwards. Try to contact your local post office if you do not receive the order between 1-2 days after it says it was delivered. Unfortunately, the post office does not provide us enough information to track the exact location of your package. If the package says delivered & the package doesn't arrive a few days later we will contact the post office, who will start an investigation. The post office will contact the mail courier who will then tell us details about the delivery. If we confirm the mail courier delivered your package there is nothing we can do. With this information we will decide how to proceed. This is usually a several day process. We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages. 

Q: My Order says "Being returned to sender" What should I do?

A: If your order was returned to sender you will have to call your local post office and ask them to redeliver it to a correct address. The most common reason is no unit or apartment number was added or the address was incorrect. You can also use the package intercept service and have the package redelivered. Putting the correct address is up to the customer. If the package is lost or returned to us but lost in the process we will not issue a refund. If we receive the package back, we will refund the amount minus shipping and packing costs. 

Q: Is Using Cash App A Good Idea?

Using Cash App to buy vapes online is a great option because it provides a simple, safe, and secure payment experience. Cash App makes it incredibly easy to make purchases online and it will also keep your personal information and credit card information safe from the websites you are buying from. We highly recommend you use Cash App next time you make a purchase from us.

If you purchase with Venmo or Apple Pay, please understand all sales are final with these methods. 


Q: I paid, but I haven't received a confirmation e-mail?

A: We do not send a confirmation e-mail. Your confirmation is the the like/thumbs up on your payment. When the items are shipped you will receive a e-mail with your tracking number. You can also download the Shop App and track your package.


Q: My item arrived defective. Can I get a refund?

A: Due to the nature of the products almost no vape retailer does refunds for vape products. We have had many people claiming that their device is defective in some way. In most cases we will not do refunds unless you follow a set of simple instructions. You must first email/ text us and we will send you a list of instructions on how to destroy the product. This is nothing personal we do this will all customers so you can get a refund and so we can protect ourselves from fraud. We have zero tolerance for fraudulent claims and will investigate accordingly. 

You only have 1 day maximum from the date you receive your item to claim the item was broken. Customers can't claim an item didn't work a week after receiving something. We have too many false claims. 

We will not issue a refund for items arrived "burnt" or if you didn't like the flavor. We only do do refunds on our discretion. 

 Q: I received my item and I didn't like the flavor, or it has no flavor. I want a refund.

Q: We don't offer returns or refunds if a customer didn't like a flavor. This reason is completely subjective and every person has a different opinion on what tastes good & what doesn't. People will also not use a product incorrectly and burn the coil which causes it to burn. If you are not happy with the product contact the company who made the product directly since we didn't manufacture the product. We are only a 3rd party seller and aren't responsible for the flavor profile. 


Q: I received the wrong flavor, or the wrong item. Can I get sent the right item? 

Q: If we sell out of an item, we will send you a different flavor in the same brand IF WE CAN'T GET IN TOUCH WITH YOU THROUGH TEXT. We will usually leave a note that we replaced the item. Sometimes we will give you a promo code, or an extra item to make up for the mistake. Sorry, but we won't send another item or refund you. Please have your phone number so we can contact you. We will also cancel an order if we are missing more than 2 flavors on your order. We will not replace or send out another item, please understand this is our policy, we have too many orders in a day to stop packing. 

Q: My Vape said "500,1000,5000," Puffs but it died way too early, I want a refund.

A: Again, we do not make the product, we are the retailer. If a vape dies before the hit count advertised we suggest you contact the manufacturer. The "Hit" count is only approximate and we can't offer refunds for how companies advertise products. If we notice a trend in defective products we will remove it from the website. If a vape arrives dead out of the package, we will work with you, and see what we can do. Go to our contact page, and text us to solve this matter. 


Q: I just paid and I got a "like' and or a "thumbs up" how long until my order ships?

A: We try and get peoples orders shipped out within 24 hours of payment. Weekends are not included! Since post offices are closed on weekends we do not ship on those days. If you order late on a Friday you will most likely not be shipped until Monday. 


Q: My order is in transit but I need to stop the package from arriving. What can I do?

A: If have to intercept a package for any reason, wether on our request, or customers it is a $25 charge. However, depending on where it is in transit, there is no guarantee that USPS will be able to stop it in time.


Q: What does the bank statement say?


For Cashapp payments, it will say:

Square - Cashapp Payment to Wholesaleplus

For Venmo payments, it will say:

Venmo Payment - Venmo "Luxy' 

Apple Pay it will say APPLEPAY 

Any form of payment will say on a bank statement whatever the payment method is, for example Apple pay will just say "Apple pay". 

Q: My Package says it's in transit with a delivery date, but now it is saying "arriving late".

A: This is a very common message people will receive. Sometimes a package will take longer than expected because of whatever circumstances. All we can do is wait for the tracking to update, which can take a few days. This message does not mean your package was lost. If your package is stuck with this message for more than 3 days you can email us. 



Q: What forms of payment do you take?

A: We currently accept Cashapp or Venmo payments only. Because of the war on vape products we cannot process payments using credit card processors. Billing description varies which payment method you use. We don't have credit card processing because U.S banks won't allow sale of vapes (Paypal, Stripe, Square, ect.) Our payment methods also weeds out any potential underage buyers since an ID is required to use Cashapp/Venmo to prove you are an adult.


Q: Do you take delivery requests?

A: We do not. We have no way to communicate with USPS. We suggest leaving instructions for your driver on the  day of delivery or calling your local USPS.


Q: Are the vapes we sell 100% Authentic?

A. We source our products only from reputable U.S wholesalers, and hold accounts with many of them. However, because of the constant changes of ownerships and regulations of vape products it is not always guaranteed that clones won't make it into batches, or codes will verify. So purchase at your own discretion. We will not be responsible for any vapes that don't authenticate, and we do not give refunds for this reason.



Q: I payed through Cashapp or Venmo and my payment hasn't been "liked". Why?

A: Depending on the time of the day it was sent and the day of the week, we are either asleep or busy. We will "like" it as soon as possible but please know we also have lives outside of work.


Q: I asked for my order to be canceled and refunded. How long does it take for a refund to process?

A: Once we cancel and refund your money through Cashapp it should go back to your balance. We do not process refunds through Venmo. (All Sales are Final with Venmo.)


Shipping Questions

Q: How long does it take to ship an order?

A: Between 1-3 business days depending on volume of orders.


Q: What are business days?

A: Monday to Friday.


Q: How do I know if my package has been shipped?

A: You should receive a shipping confirmation email that will have your tracking number. Be sure to check your spam if you cannot find the email.


Q: I did not get an email with the confirmation or tracking number. What should I do?

A: First, check to see if the email went to your spam and/or that you had used the correct email address. If your address was correct and the emails didn't go to your spam, please contact us as soon as possible.


Q: Do you ship internationally (outside of the U.S.)?

A: Currently we do not.


Q: How do I track an order with the tracking number provided?



Q: I just put in an order. If I tell you my order number, can you tell me when I should be expecting my package?

A: Depending on what shipping you bought, you can expect your order between 2-5 or 2-3 business days (business days are Monday-Friday). We cannot predict exactly what day your package will arrive nor will we guarantee you will receive your package by a certain date. Remember, COVID-19 is still slowing down the post office.


Q: How long does it take to ship an order?

A: Between 1-3 business days (business days are Monday-Friday) depending on volume of orders.


Q: Do you have discreet shipping options?

A: All shipping is discrete. The website name is not mentioned on the package.


Q: How do I know if my package has been shipped?

A: You should receive a shipping confirmation email that will have your tracking number. Be sure to check your spam if you cannot find the email.


Q: My order says "Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item". What does that mean?

A: The shipping label has been created but USPS has not yet received the package. Keep in mind that the post office does take a few days for this status to go away. It can take 48 hours for the tracking to update with a location. 


Q: I placed an order on a Friday, when will my order be shipped?

A: Most likely on Monday. The package may be dropped off at the post office on Saturday but they do not typically scan them until Monday-Tuesday.


Q: Do you offer overnight shipping?

A: No, we do not.


Q: I ordered priority shipping and I still have not received my shipping confirmation. Why?

A: Priority shipping means that your order will be shipped to you faster by post office. However, it does not mean your order will be processed faster than others. Please understand our processing time is 1-3 business days (business days are Monday-Friday). We work as quickly as we can. 


Q: I got my address wrong and it seems like it is taking longer to process my order. Why?

A: When your address is incorrect, it is not a simple fix. Therefore, it takes us longer to ship your order. Please be patient and understand we try to get it fixed only as quick as our system will let us.


Q: I just placed an order and just received a tracking number. Does that mean my order has been shipped?

A: No. It just means that the shipping label has been created and the package will be shipped out shortly.


Q: I paid through Venmo or Cashapp and the payment was accepted but I still haven't gotten my tracking information. Why?

A: Although we accepted the payment, it does not mean that we have already shipped the order. You will receive a separate email or text message once your order has been shipped.


Q: My tracking says " USPS awaiting Item" and its been longer than 48 hours.

A: Contact Us, and we will check out the status of the order. If you ordered on Friday your order wasn't actually shipped until Monday-Tuesday. MOST common reason is USPS did not scan your package in initially, however it is still moving through their system, and sometimes won't show a locations can until it is near your post office. THIS IS VERY COMMON. IF its been longer than 7-8 days and it hasn't been delivered contact us, and we will refund you. 


Q: It says my order has been shipped, but it is taking forever to arrive. Why?

A: The postal service has been moving slow due to lack of workers. Some states take longer for packages to arrive as well.


Q: I accidentally typed the wrong address but my order has been shipped. Can I still fix it?

A: Unfortunately, if it has been shipped, it is too late to fix. You can use the package intercept service to change the address of the package, but it will cost $.

Q: What do you mean when you say "processing" vs "shipping"?

A: Processing means we are preparing and packing your order. Shipping means your order is being shipped to you by post office.


Q: My tracking information says " in transit, arriving late." What should I do?

A: Unfortunately, we don't have control of how long it takes for a package to arrive once it is in the post office's possession. Weather/holidays/ can delay arrival dates. Please stay patient and contact us. 


Q: My package says it was delivered but I did not receive it. What should I do?

A: Sometimes the post office will scan packages early and say they were delivered but they may not show until one or two days afterwards. Try to contact your local post office if you do not receive the order between 1-2 days after it says it was delivered. Unfortunately, post office does not provide us enough information to track the exact location of your package.

Q: My vape arrived defective, what should I do?

A: In most cases we do not offer refunds, because of the nature of the product. Wholesale companies do not offer refunds to us for disposable vapes. This is strictly a disposable vape issue. If you received a defective vape, we will need a video of the vape and as much proof as you can provide. This isn't because we do not believe you, its because we have had a lot of people in the past fraudulently claim that their vapes had issues to get their money back. Therefore, we had to change out policy on this.  


Q: I want to place a bigger order ($200+), Do you do Bulk?

A: We do not do Wholesale, unless you have a State Tax ID and are Tax Exempt. You must contact us about pricing. New Customers who place orders $180+ will be contacted by us to verify that the purchase is legitimate.