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How to Pay

Welcome to our website! This page is to inform customers on how to pay. Follow the guides below if you are having problems with your payment. 


Payments transactions show up as "WholesaleplusLLC" on your statement. 





Cashapp Q&A

Why is my Payment Failing? 

There are many reasons why your payment could be failing. Here are the main reasons and steps you could take.


1. Your Cashapp App is not updated, Please update your APP!

2. You're sending the payment directly from a Debit card instead of your balance. (I'm serious, this is the most common problem) 

3. Your Cashapp is not Age verified.

4. The card you are using is not under your name. 

5. Cashapp is run entirely run on AI, so sometimes it just cancels payments for no reason. Because we accept so many payments, the AI targets us because we are a "risk". If sending a payment didn't work the first time, you can try waiting 24 hours, and attempting again. 

6. Please read the next section if sending the payment didn't work. 


I sent a payment but Cashapp keeps canceling my payment. What do I do now? (Cashapp keeps canceling for my protection).

1. After placing an order and sending the total amount to OUR cashapp we will accept the payment.

2. There is a 90% chance that this payment will "Fail" or get sent back to you.

3. We will request the total amount from you with a message "Try this". (Make sure you allow requests are turned on, otherwise we can't complete your order.)

4.  Please keep paying the requests until the payment goes through! ( We will try up to 3 times, it can take several attempts) 

5. Do not send us the payment, only pay the request because the payment will not go through otherwise.

6. If the payment doesn't go through please read the rest of this page to figure out a solution to the issue.  

7. If everything fails then please use a different payment method. Cashapp is a frustrating app.  

***Follow the guideline in the photo below. Please make sure you put the money in your CashApp balance before sending it.

If not the payment will fail!

To add cash to your Cash App balance:

Click on the Banking tab which, the red arrow is pointing on


Click on the Add Cash tab which, the red arrow is pointing on



Type in the Amount for your order and click Add


How to send money on the Cash App ( Customers who paid before) 

1. Open the Cash App mobile app.

2. Enter the amount you want to send.

3. Tap “Pay.” at the bottom-right corner.

4. Enter the “$Cashtag” of the recipient.

5. Enter order number or your name under note section.

6. Tap “Pay.” and your money will be sent to the recipient.


*If your payment fails we will send a request/requests until the payment goes through.



Before you can send payment with CASH APP make sure you LOAD your CASH APP balance first before trying to send payment if not the payment will FAIL. If you send directly from a card it will fail. IF the payment fails then we will send a payment request. 


*If you tried every possible way to pay with Cashapp please use a different payment method.